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is the Heart of healthcare — a place where people are empowered to cultivate their own healing and get referral-worthy results. A testament that the best healthcare will be delivered with compassion using the power of nature as the primary instrument of change. We are a community of independent practitioners who are guided by our patients’ innate capacity for health, and our strong desire to serve our patients, each other, and our community.

We are a natural health center where people come to discover and reignite their own internal healing. Acupuncture Buffalo offers inspiration, education, compassion and genuine support — a true respite from the factory-style medicine where tests are ordered, prescriptions are written, surgeries are preformed and patients are left feeling unseen and unheard. This is relationship based healing much like the old fashioned doctor we know only from stories.

At Acupuncture Buffalo, we offer Acupuncture and Chinese medicine as the cornerstone of our program. We complement that treatment with services like comprehensive health education and health behavior coaching, personalized dietary planning and designed clinical nutrition.

We offer real solutions to real health challenges like menstrual and reproductive challenges, infertility, menopause, depression and anxiety. We also offer offer an affordable, safe, relaxing, and pharmaceutical-free protocol to treat many types of acute and chronic pain as well as persistent everyday stress.

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