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What’s Stopping you? Start Living Better Today!

Worsley Five Element Acupuncture in Buffalo, NY

Are you Ready to Take Control of your Health and Start Feeling Great Naturally?

I believe that the health of the Mind, the Body, the Heart and the community are inseparable, and that healing begins by listening. That’s why this treatment will be unlike any medical treatment you have ever had before!

This ancient process of healing, brought to the West by Professor J.R.Worsley begins with a caring evaluation of where you’ve been, and where you are now in your Body, Mind and Heart. Working together to find the deepest source of your illness or unrest, we will craft a treatment plan that is completely unique to you.

I utilize hair thin disposable needles and a warming herb, Moxa, to activate your innate self-healing abilities. In this system of medicine, nature is the healer. My job is to listen carefully and activate acupuncture points that will help you tune into the wisdom and natural healing you already possess.

As treatment progresses, you will find you need to come in for acupuncture treatment less and less. Eventually, all you will need are periodic tune-ups tostay healthy and vibrant.

Take a leap! Come experience the best Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment you will find in Buffalo, NY. Call to schedule a free consultation. 716-941-HEAL(4325)