You may already know of people who are using acupuncture to treat headaches, especially migraine headaches. Some people experience instant relief from an acute headache with acupuncture.  Certainly instant drug-free relief from a headache is impressive, but the real goal is that as treatment progresses you stop or seriously limit headache frequency and severity.   In this talk, you will learn a two step process to stop or limit your recurrent headaches.

Step one:  Keep the enemy out – Understanding your triggers.

You may have already discovered some things that trigger your headaches.  Learn more about the major triggers and some that you may not have thought of.

Step two:  Strengthen the fortress.

What if you can’t avoid some of your triggers, or they accidentally slip in from time to time?  You have heard that the best defense is a strong offense.  This is especially true of headaches.  We cannot control everything in our environment, but we can make ourselves so strong that only the toughest triggers can knock us over.

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Many of the most serious dietary triggers fall into one of three categories.  These are your food enemies:

You can avoid these as strictly as possible for 1-2 months and then gradually add them back in class by class to see how you react.  You may tolerate one class but not another, and you may be fine with small amounts.

Tyramine:  These come from the amino acid tyrosine. They should be inactivated by an enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO) in the liver and intestines, but this process does not work so well in some folks.

  • fermented foods like stinky cheeses, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha.
  • alcohol (especially beer and wine)
  • sulfer dried fruits like apricots
  • preserved meats or fish like pepperoni, bacon, hotdogs, and salami.
  • cold and cough medicines

Histamine:  These are a product of the amino acid histidine.  If you have a histamine intolerance, it may be because you are not producing enough of an enzyme called diamine oxidase (DAO).  You can actually take DAO as a supplement.  This may lessen your symptoms, but you will still want to largely avoid these foods.  You will notice some overlap:

  • All fermented foods, beverages, vinegars
  • cinnamon, cloves, cocoa
  • tomatoes, spinach, eggplant and avocados
  • strawberries, banana, papaya, pineapple, mango, tangerines and grapefruit.
  • peanuts, walnuts and cashews.

Arginine:  This one increses nitric oxide in the blood and dialates the blood vessel in your head

  • nuts
  • chocolate



Raising the fortress

You can actually take DAO as a supplement.