Our initial visit is about 2 hours long and includes an extensive intake before any treatment is done. At this visit we will determine how much treatment you will need in order to get lasting results. The first visit is $185 with no discounts. We often offer promotions to make this less expensive. Keep your eye on your inbox for specials.

Follow up visits are an hour long and cost about half of the initial appointment price. We also offer discounted multi-visit packages to make getting regular treatment more affordable.

No Fault Acupuncture

Several of our patients are successfully getting reimbursed from their No-Fault policy.  Rarely will they pay the entire amount, so you can expect to pay some amount out of pocket.  Very similar to regular insurance, we provide the paperwork necessary for you to get reimbursed according to what your plan allows.    You simply mail in the form, but you will pay us at the time of service.

As we discover No-Fault plans that have reimbursed for acupuncture benefits we will post them here:

  • Geico

Workers Compensation

It is with a heavy heart that we cannot accept workers compensation benefits.  If anyone deserves the kind of care we provide, it is you.   Unfortunately, It is impossible for us to operate within the guidelines of workers compensation without seriously compromising the quality of our care.

We accept all Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts along with wellness cards like:

  • HealthExtrasHealth Extras from Independent Health
  • Wellness Card from Blue Cross Blue Shield

Many people want to know if “my insurance will pay for acupuncture.” Every plan is different, so unfortunately the answer is “it depends.” We have made a conscious decision to stay patient focused, which means we spend all of your time with you and not on the phone with insurance companies. We provide the paperwork necessary for you to get reimbursed according to what your plan allows. Many of our patients are successfully getting reimbursed. You simply mail in the form, but you will pay us at the time of service.

As we discover insurance plans that offer acupuncture benefits we will post them here:

  • Empire Plan Blue Cross Blue Shield for New York State Employees is currently reimbursing 100% after your deductible is met.

We would be happy to spend 20 min or so on the phone with you to talk a little more about your specific case and to give you a better idea of how much treatment you may need. Here are some general guidelines:

If you are very healthy, manage your stress well, and do a daily cultivation exercise like meditation or tai chi, you may progress much faster. If you have longstanding chronic medical conditions that have required multiple medications for many years, you may need frequent treatments for a good bit longer.

Most people who join our practice will come once a week for several visits. 5-6 weekly visits is common. Once you are consistently maintaining the benefits of treatment, we will gradually increase the time between your treatments. If you choose to stay on for wellness and performance, once every month or two is average for most people.

We are so glad you asked. We wrote a whole page about that. Please check it out under about/acupuncturebuffalo.

Your treatment may look quite different from other acupuncture you have experienced. In order to truly empower you to take the drivers seat, we spend a lot of time with you. At Acupuncture Buffalo, you can expect that we will spend most of the time in the treatment room with you. Many clinics will rotate between 3-5 patients during the hour you are there with little communication with each patient. We made a very conscious decision to run a low volume, highly personal practice. This allows us time during your treatment to work together to help you find the answers you are looking for and to support you in making the changes that you have been trying to make. Ultimately we know that this is what will make your gains from acupuncture more permanent. If you are interested in reading more about how we get results, you may want to read about How it Works.

Well, it feels a little different for everyone. Acupuncture needles are about the size of a human hair. They are solid like a wire as opposed to hollow like a hypodermic needle, and the experience is totally different (and much better in my opinion) than getting a shot. We all experience acupuncture in different ways, and every acupuncture point feels a bit different. Some treatments involve almost no sensation. Other treatments are designed to produce a very brief sensation that lasts only a fraction of a second.  People often describe the sensations as “dull,”  “achy,”  “moving,”  “crampy,”  “electric,” and sometimes “sharp.” Whatever the sensation may be, it only lasts a split second and is generally followed by a sense of relaxation.

Immediately after treatment you will often feel relief from discomfort you may have been having as well as an overall sense of ease.  Later on you may continue to feel more relaxed and at the same time energized.


I wish there was an easy answer to this one!  I believe it is not honest to definitively say that acupuncture doesn’t hurt.  The truth is that some people feel almost nothing while others feel very little sensation in some areas of their bodies and more intense sensations in other areas.  The good news is that no matter what you feel, you will only feel it for a split second.