Ronald Pratt, Licensed Acupuncturist

Ron’s path to acupuncture started as a corporate trainer. Don’t you wish you could have been in that room! Ron began empowering people to do well at the work that they loved. Of course Ron was not your typical trainer. His emphasis on the whole person was evident even back in his corporate days. Ron pursued graduate studies in counseling and completed a Master’s Thesis on Emotional Intelligence. Immediately after finishing graduate school, he moved to New York city and started working in the financial services sector.

Ron loved helping people become successful, but after several years in financial services, he realized that industry wasn’t quite the right fit. Ron fortuitously found his way to the Wellness industry, where he continued in education and training, this time in the realm of organic skin and body care. Working as a trainer was an amazing opportunity; he traveled the world and grew both personally and professionally. After more than a decade, Ron started longing for more. Climbing to the next rung on the corporate ladder did not seem to be the answer. Skin and body care was wonderful, but thankfully for us, Ron was driven by a desire to empower others. He wanted to help others live healthy and fulfilling lives–mind, body, and emotions.

Along the way, while still working in corporate America, Ron discovered Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture. He was struggling with some health issues, most of them related to stress and lifestyle. He had previously tried fitness, yoga, chiropractic care, and nutrition, along with traditional western medicine with some success, but through regular acupuncture, he found real transformation in his life. Not only was he able to overcome a number of health challenges, he also got something more.  We will let Ron tell you more…

Ronald Pratt Acupuncture Buffalo
“Prior to treatment, I knew that I could make better choices to improve my overall well-being, but I just wasn’t able to make it all come together. When I started treatment, my Acupuncturist didn’t force changes on me. On the contrary, she worked with me exactly where I was. Through our work together, I got clear about what wasn’t working and made changes to achieve the level of health I was seeking. Ultimately, I was empowered to make choices consistent with who I am and what I wanted to accomplish.

This is what led me to study acupuncture and become a healthcare provider. I wanted to share this approach to health and wellness with others.

In healthcare, there are many beneficial approaches, and all of them have merit. What is unique about the way I work with patients is that I embrace an approach where together we explore what makes sense for each individual in their quest for wellness, in body, mind, and emotions. To do this I use a patient-centered approach, only treating one patient at a time and developing treatment plans that are unique to each individual.

In addition to working as an Acupuncturist, I enjoy the outdoors, cycling, hiking, practicing yoga, daily walks with my dog, Rusty, spending time with friends and family, cooking and exploring the world through travel.”