Thank you.
Thank you for a period of frustration and agitation.
Thank you allowing me to lose mindfulness, feel unbalanced and uneasy.
Thank you for letting me play out a well worn habit pattern of seeking out distraction and excitement in a vain attempt to palliate that agitation.

Thank you for making distraction and excitement produce nothing more than a fleeting, transient and ultimately ineffective release.

Thank you for the reminder that peace only exists in the present moment despite the discomfort there now.
Thank you for allowing me to experience that discomfort and simply breathe

…and walk.

To experience discomfort and stay right there with it. Smiling. Until slowly, step by step, breath by breath the discomfort runs it’s course. To watch the gradual sunset of negative emotion and the sunrise of fresh air and white snow.

No need for excitement. So much better is peace and so much better is the relaxed half smile that spontaneously arises within the focus of the present moment.

Comfort or discomfort, no matter what the present moment brings mindfulness of it leads to an infectious peace. It fills the room. It permeates our families and our communities. It feels the world. It is the antidote to all suffering.