Encouraging Labor with Acupuncture

Late labor is a common occurrence in first time pregnancies, as if first time mothers weren’t anxious enough! Regardless of how many labors you have gone through, forty weeks feels like enough. You just want that little baby to stop pressing on your bladder and get into your arms.

Now more now than ever, doctors […]

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Fertility Charting and Acupuncture

Okay….let’s talk about charting. Should you do it? Yes! Unless this is going to make you truly anxious (which does not help fertility), we think charting is a real plus!

At Acupuncture Buffalo, we use many tools to figure out how we can best support your fertility, and your gynecological health in general. Obviously, observing […]

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Agitation. Gratitude. Peace.

Thank you.
Thank you for a period of frustration and agitation.
Thank you allowing me to lose mindfulness, feel unbalanced and uneasy.
Thank you for letting me play out a well worn habit pattern of seeking out distraction and excitement in a vain attempt to palliate that agitation.

Thank you for making distraction and excitement produce nothing more […]

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To give you and idea of what you may want to consider when planning your pregnancy and birth, check out this worksheet designed by the Buffalo Doula Collective (BDC). We have no affiliation with the BDC but think their worksheet is brilliant. If you want to pursue hiring a Doula, check out […]

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What to Put (or Not Put) in Your Body to Improve Sleep Quality

Getting Better Sleep (3 of 3) — What to Put (or Not Put) in Your Body to Improve Sleep Quality


So often people find they cannot sleep, so what do they put in their bodies? Pills. Food. Alcohol. While for some people medications may be the only viable options, for the vast majority of people there are […]

Setting Routines to Improve Sleep Quality

Getting Better Sleep (2 of 3) — Setting Routines to Improve Sleep Quality

Do you ever notice feeling as though you just don’t have enough to give?  Many of us think we are getting enough sleep, but how would your colleagues and love ones rank your level of patience and presence?  Sleep can be one […]

Placenta Encapsulation and Doula Services

Local Practitioners in the Buffalo, New York Area Who Offer Placenta Encapsulation and Birth Doula Services:
Amy Buzzell

Nay Lasco

Elizabeth Carey, CD/PCD(DONA)
DONA Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula
Hypnobabies Certified Hypnosis Doula, Placenta Encapsulator

LuAnn M. Conte
Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Counselor, Certified Hypno-Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Labor/Delivery Nurse.
*All placentas are processed using sterile technique.

Buffalo Doula Collective (Not all of […]

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The World’s Easiest Bone Broth Recipe

What you’ll need:

1 whole rotisserie chicken (organic, pasture raised, if possible)
1 tablespoon white or apple cider vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
Crock pot that holds 4 or more quarts

Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Remove the meat from the chicken and set aside for other meals.

2. Put the bones, cartilage, and all that nasty chicken stuff you don’t […]

So You Think You Can Read a Nutrition Label…

Nutrition Labels for the Rest of Us

Hopefully this post is something you will never really need. If you focus on eating wholesome whole foods, there will be no label to read.  Real Food is found along the perimeter of most grocery stores. Fresh produce, meats, eggs, and dairy is where almost all of our […]

Acupuncture Buffalo Loves Water!

If you have not figured it out by now, Acupuncture Buffalo is pretty focused on helping you make the changes that will not only complement your acupuncture treatment, but changes that will ultimately make you less dependent on it. Getting results from acupuncture treatment is one thing, but guiding you on your route to […]