5 ways to Use Light to Improve Sleep Quality

1. Increase morning light exposure:
Get at least 15 minutes of natural light exposure per day.  Outside light is much more intense than inside light.  Going outside allows natural light to regulate your biological clock.  More is better, and if you can do this first thing in the morning you will get the most bang for […]

Acupuncture Babies!

Some healthy additions to our practice. Acupuncture in the womb is the ultimate preventative medicine!

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Should I worry about GMOs?

What do you know about GMOs?

Every year, my mother in law buys us a subscription of Consumer reports magazine. I know, she’s pretty awesome …and practical! Besides product reviews, CR will also highlight a few health related topics. I sometimes find these articles pretty frustrating because they seem to echo the opinions of the […]

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How do I Face Discomfort? How do I serve others?

I know that many of you serve family and friends, and some of you serve clients or patients in professional healthcare. When we think of our patients (and ourselves) let us remember that we are here to serve them with humility, and encourage them to grow in ways they may think impossible. We are […]

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Improved Fertility and IVF Results

At our Buffalo, NY,  clinic we help many couples to conceive long before IVF is even a consideration.  For those patients who do have serious fertility challenges, we work in tandem with your IVF treatments to not only increase your chances of success, but also to help you stay peaceful, balanced and present for […]

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