Encouraging Labor with Acupuncture

Late labor is a common occurrence in first time pregnancies, as if first time mothers weren’t anxious enough! Regardless of how many labors you have gone through, forty weeks feels like enough. You just want that little baby to stop pressing on your bladder and get into your arms.

Now more now than ever, doctors […]

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To give you and idea of what you may want to consider when planning your pregnancy and birth, check out this worksheet designed by the Buffalo Doula Collective (BDC). We have no affiliation with the BDC but think their worksheet is brilliant. If you want to pursue hiring a Doula, check out […]

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Acupuncture Babies!

We are thrilled to welcome some healthy (and adorable) additions to our practice. Acupuncture in the womb is the ultimate preventative medicine!

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Improved Fertility and IVF Results

At our Buffalo, NY, clinic, we helped many couples to conceive long before IVF is even a consideration. For those patients who do have serious fertility challenges, we work in tandem with your IVF treatments to not only increase your chances of success, but also to help you stay peaceful, balanced and present for […]

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