Fatigue & Depression

Fatigue and Depression

Whether you are experiencing routine fatigue so common in Buffalo, New York or noticeable clinical depression and fatigue, we would love to help. We follow a safe, pharmaceutical free, treatment philosophy that values you as a unique person and combines all the best that nature has to offer to find a unique solution to what is preventing you from getting back into the life you know you can have. We welcome you as you are. You can begin treatment with us no matter what treatment you are currently undergoing.

Many people call us because they want to get off of prescription medications. If you are currently taking medications for anxiety or depression, please do not stop without a plan from your doctor. Some of these meds can be quite dangerous if stopped abruptly. Our treatment is fully compatible with all depression and anxiety medications, and it is best to wait until you start noticing improvement from acupuncture before changing any medications.

Some of the Fatigue and Depression specifics that we support:
Autoimmune Disorders
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Lyme Disease
Clinical Depression
Seasonal Affective Disorder

Below, you will find posts we make that are related to Fatigue and Depression. If you have a question that could help others, please ask us on Facebook or in the comments section of any Fatigue and Depression related post. If you have a private question, please contact us.

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