How we think influences our health more than most of us care to acknowledge. The Buddha said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” That is indeed the power of intention. We are actively moving towards the focus of our thoughts; therefore, intention is the second pillar to the NICER method. Intention is much more than positive thinking. It is the deliberate and organized way that we train our brains to take action and create a happy, healthy, and peaceful future.

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Agitation. Gratitude. Peace.

Thank you.
Thank you for a period of frustration and agitation.
Thank you allowing me to lose mindfulness, feel unbalanced and uneasy.
Thank you for letting me play out a well worn habit pattern of seeking out distraction and excitement in a vain attempt to palliate that agitation.

Thank you for making distraction and excitement produce nothing more […]

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How do I Face Discomfort? How do I serve others?

I know that many of you serve family and friends, and some of you serve clients or patients in professional healthcare. When we think of our patients (and ourselves), let us remember that we are here to serve them with humility, and encourage them to grow in ways they may think impossible. We are […]

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