Nutrition is something that simultaneously intrigues and confuses most of us. It is hard to know what to eat and how to properly supplement your diet when there are so many conflicting experts out there. Should I be vegan? Paleo? Low carb? Low fat? Will saturated fat cause a heart attack? What diet does Chinese medicine prescribe? My doctor says not to eat….

Yes. It’s confusing! There are lots of opinions and a lot of conflicting research. Unfortunately, many health care providers take no more than one very basic class in nutrition. Good nutrition advice comes from practitioners who continuously study nutrition and stay current in their studies. In this nutrition section, you will find one consistent message, “Eat real food, not food products; choose diverse, fresh, nutrient-dense foods; and supplement with whole food supplements (not conventional synthetic vitamins) to fill in the gaps.” This goal can be accomplished with many different dietary strategies. If you are not sure where to start, schedule a personalized dietary therapy session with us today!

Below, you will find posts we make that are related to Nutrition. If you have a question that could help others, please ask us on Facebook or in the comments section of any Nutrition related post. If you have a private question, please contact us.

What to Put (or Not Put) in Your Body to Improve Sleep Quality

Getting Better Sleep (3 of 3) — What to Put (or Not Put) in Your Body to Improve Sleep Quality


So often people find they cannot sleep, so what do they put in their bodies? Pills. Food. Alcohol. While for some people medications may be the only viable options, for the vast majority of people there are […]

The World’s Easiest Bone Broth Recipe

What you’ll need:

1 whole rotisserie chicken (organic, pasture raised, if possible)
1 tablespoon white or apple cider vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
Crock pot that holds 4 or more quarts

Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Remove the meat from the chicken and set aside for other meals.

2. Put the bones, cartilage, and all that nasty chicken stuff you don’t […]

So You Think You Can Read a Nutrition Label…

Nutrition Labels for the Rest of Us

Hopefully this post is something you will never really need. If you focus on eating wholesome whole foods, there will be no label to read.  Real Food is found along the perimeter of most grocery stores. Fresh produce, meats, eggs, and dairy is where almost all of our […]

Acupuncture Buffalo Loves Water!

If you have not figured it out by now, Acupuncture Buffalo is pretty focused on helping you make the changes that will not only complement your acupuncture treatment, but changes that will ultimately make you less dependent on it. Getting results from acupuncture treatment is one thing, but guiding you on your route to […]

Should I worry about GMOs?

What do you know about GMOs?

Every year, my mother in law buys us a subscription of Consumer Reports magazine. I know, she’s pretty awesome…and practical! Besides product reviews, CR also highlights a few health related topics. I sometimes find these articles frustrating because they seem to echo the opinions of the mainstream medical juggernaut […]

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