Painful Periods and PMS

So many women have come to expect “that time of the month” as unavoidably uncomfortable. It may come in the form of bloating, painful breasts, low back pain, emotional highs and lows, and cramping or even stabbing pain. Although these symptoms are common, they are unnecessary. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been supporting women for over 3000 years by naturally restoring hormonal equilibrium. This results in a near painless and emotionally balanced menstrual cycle. Because your treatments are specific to you and treat you as a whole person, you can expect to experience benefits in many areas of your health. Here are just a few conditions that improve greatly when your body’s hormonal balance is restored:

Digestive problems
Fatigue and Depression
Irregular periods
Low back pain
Low or excessive libido
Musculoskeletal pain
Painful periods
Stress and Anxiety
Thyroid and Adrenal dysfunction
Uterine fibroids

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Fertility Charting and Acupuncture

Okay….let’s talk about charting. Should you do it? Yes! Unless this is going to make you truly anxious (which does not help fertility), we think charting is a real plus!

At Acupuncture Buffalo, we use many tools to figure out how we can best support your fertility, and your gynecological health in general. Obviously, observing […]

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