After over ten years of redefining my life with meditation as my most powerful ally, I realize there is a major contradiction in how I am living. I spend about two hours almost every single day cultivating peace though Vipassana meditation …and 22 hours a day cultivating chaos. Despite the undeniable positive changes I have seen in my life since starting meditation, I can only wonder just how amazing my life would become If I invested half of that energy into crafting a peace-driven life off of the cushion. Let’s see…

Agitation. Gratitude. Peace.

Thank you.
Thank you for a period of frustration and agitation.
Thank you allowing me to lose mindfulness, feel unbalanced and uneasy.
Thank you for letting me play out a well worn habit pattern of seeking out distraction and excitement in a vain attempt to palliate that agitation.

Thank you for making distraction and excitement produce nothing more […]

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