Stress & Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

We are delighted to offer patients a safe, pharmaceutical-free protocol for treating routine stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Our director, Ashlyn Pardee, began her professional interest in acupuncture after experiencing dramatic benefits when treating her own anxiety with acupuncture, nutrition, and meditation. Since those early days, we have greatly expanded our practice to help everyday people cope better with periods of extreme stress and to lessen the severity and frequency of anxiety and panic attacks. We employ acupuncture and nutrition as the cornerstone of our program, and may recommend adjunct therapies like counseling, meditation, yoga, or tai chi.

Many people call us because they want to get off of prescription medications. If you are currently taking medications for anxiety or depression, please do not stop without a plan from your doctor. Some of these meds can be quite dangerous if stopped abruptly. Our treatment is fully compatible with all depression and anxiety medications, and it is best to wait until you start noticing improvement from acupuncture before changing any medications.

Below, you will find posts we make that are related to Stress and Anxiety. If you have a question that could help others, please ask us on Facebook or in the comments section of any Stress and Anxiety related post. If you have a private question, please contact us.

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