Late labor is a common occurrence in first time pregnancies, as if first time mothers weren’t anxious enough! Regardless of how many labors you have gone through, forty weeks feels like enough. You just want that little baby to stop pressing on your bladder and get into your arms.

Now more now than ever, doctors are pressing medical induction at forty weeks. Women hoping to give birth naturally, or without assistance of the drug Pitocin, have another option. Acupuncture.

For some women, inducing labor with drug therapies can cause more painful or extreme contractions. Other women want as little medical assistance, as possible. Whatever your reason for wanting to avoid induction, acupuncture has been proven by a study reported by the National Institute of Health to reduce the need for inducing pregnant women at forty weeks. In this randomized and controlled study, women who were given acupuncture treatment were much more likely (70%, in fact) to give birth without medical assistance than those who were not treated with acupuncture.

So, when should you begin acupuncture treatments? Acupuncture designed to encourage labor are best with three sessions, so it is important to plan accordingly by scheduling your treatments by week thirty-nine if you can, so don’t wait to book! Acupuncture is a completely safe, drug-free alternative for pregnant women. Book online today!