Our goal at Buffalo Natural Health and Acupuncture is to help you cultivate your own healing and maintain the confident, peaceful, feeling that comes from good health.   We use tools like Classical Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese medicine to create balance and remove barriers that have come between you and your health.  Once you are feeling like yourself again, we do all that we can to help you maintain this connection to health.ashlyn_carolyn0005_w

Over years of treating patients, we have noticed who maintains lasting results and have created a specific method to help you create and maintain exuberant heath beyond your acupuncture treatments. We call it the NICER method of health. Nutrition Intention Connection Exercise and Rest. These five focus areas form the pillars of good health and happiness. Your experience of vibrant health in the body, mind and spirit is a direct result of how much you cultivate these pillars. Our NICER materials are available to all of our clients, and many are available free of charge to anyone in our online community. Follow us on Facebook or click on the following links to see the articles we have posted.