Researchers have scoured the major medical databases for research being done on acupuncture alongside fertility and infertility treatments — especially IVF.  They found seven reputable fertility studies with 1366 participants. I’ll spare you the statistical analysis and give you the great news: Acupuncture increases fertility! The evidence from this very reputable study suggests that acupuncture improves rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing IVF.

We often hear the word infertility, and all too quickly adopt that label. Not to dismiss serious barriers to fertility, but for most couples fertility is all about creating the right conditions in the body, mind, and spirit so that conception can occur. It’s much like helping a fruit tree by giving it good soil,  good water and the appropriate fertilizer.

Acupuncture Buffalo Fertility and Pregnancy

At our Buffalo, NY, clinic, we helped many couples to conceive long before IVF is even a consideration. For those patients who do have serious fertility challenges, we work in tandem with your IVF treatments to not only increase your chances of success, but also to help you stay peaceful, balanced and present for the whole experience.

An article supporting acupuncture use to promote fertility was published in the British Medical Journal, but is just as relevant here in Buffalo. This full article can be found at: 

Even if you are not in the Buffalo, NY area, feel free to contact us so that we may help you find acupuncture treatment for fertility in your local area.