Designed Clinical Nutrition

Aren’t all vitamins and supplements the same?
Unfortunately not. Designed Clinical Nutrition is very different from over-the-counter vitamins. The main difference is that we are giving you the nutrients you are missing in your diet in a whole food supplement form. Over-the-counter vitamins are pharmaceutically-engineered chemical parts of vitamin structures reproduced in a laboratory. They are not “whole food” and the body does not actually recognize these as anything particularly beneficial. Even the store bought vitamins that say they are from whole foods almost always contain chemical vitamins as well. Because they are not made from whole foods, over-the-counter vitamins lack the essential synergistic elements normally present in whole foods and can make you deficient and nutritionally “out-of-balance.” They can create other health problems because they do not contain all of the co-factors found in nature that make the vitamins work in a balanced way.

Designed Clinical Nutrition is:
Designed : Especially designed for you as an individual. For example: There are hundreds of supplements that celebrity doctors like Dr. Oz recommends, but Dr. Oz doesn’t know you personally…and besides, Dr. Oz has a lot of television hours to fill with programming, and therefore recommends many, many products. If you are choosing your supplementation based on recommendations from television or internet doctors, chances are that you are taking many more supplements than you need. Not to pick on Dr. Oz, as we have a great deal of professional respect for him, but this would be true of any television or internet doctor. We design our supplement protocols with a less-is-more philosophy. The goal is to get most of your nutrition from your diet and fill in the gaps with whole food supplements.

Clinical: We choose supplements that work in our clinical experience. This means that just because something worked in a research study, doesn’t mean it is the best product for you personally. Again, it is really about a level of personalization that you just can’t get in a study or on a television show.

Nutrition: Real Food [is this the name of the supplement?] is recommended, designed by nature, and grown on an organic farm to enable the body to nourish and repair itself and grow optimally. This is whole foods in a tablet, capsule, or powder that are concentrated in a cold-process system, preserving all of the active enzymes and vital components that make it work as Mother Nature intended. These Real Food supplements have been designed to match the needs of the body. These are nutrients that due to soil quality, shipping, and storage, you are simply not getting in your current diet.
If you would help in this area, let us come up with a simple nutrition protocol that can help you close some of the gaps that may be preventing you from feeling your best.